COVID-19 – Close Contacts


Quarantine Timeframe for Close Contacts of Those Recovering at Home

Quarantine Timeframe Thought Process

The quarantine period is to last for 7 days following the day after the infected person currently recovering at home’s symptoms first appeared (or the day when their positive sample was collected for asymptomatic cases) or when anti-infection measures are put in place. The quarantine period is based on the most recent of these cases.

However, the quarantine period is to last for 7 days following the day when anti-infection measures are again put in place or the day when another cohabitant has tested positive for COVID-19 (or had a positive sample collected in the case of being asymptomatic). The quarantine period is based on the most recent of these cases.

To Those Who are Close Contacts and Currently Quarantining

We ask that you quarantine for 7 days following the day from when you started anti-infection measures in the case where you are currently quarantining as a close contact and are unable to distance yourself from an infected person who is currently recovering.
Furthermore, do not contact an Otsu City Healthcare Center concerning this.

What is a close contact?

A “close contact” refers to someone who has come into contact with a positive person during their infectious period (from two days prior to the appearance of symptoms to the start of quarantine after having been diagnosed) and who falls under the following conditions:

  1. Those who live with the infected person or have had long-term contact with them (including time spent together in a car, airplane, and etc.)
  2. Those who have been in contact with an infected person for 15 minutes or more standing at a distance that can is reachable by hand (approximately 1 meter) without necessary preventative infection measures such as using masks. (The infectiousness of the infected person will be comprehensively judged by a variety of individual criteria such as their surrounding environment and contact conditions.)
  3. Those who have been seeing, nursing, or caring for an infected person without proper protection against infection
  4. Those who are likely to have had come into direct contact with an infected person’s contaminated bodily or airway secretions.

(From the National Institute of Infectious Diseases’ “Guidelines for Active Epidemiological Investigations in Patients with Novel Coronavirus Infection”)

*Who is a close contact is generally decided by a healthcare center.

Please make sure to monitor your physical condition for 10 days along with avoiding slow and non-emergency outings from 7 days after the day you have come into contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19. Also, please contact the Otsu City Healthcare Center Medical Examination Consultation Center (077-526-5411) should your condition become worse during this time and tell them that you were in close contact with someone infected with COVID-19.


While Passing Your Quarantine Period

  • Avoid non-essential and slow outings. (This includes commuting to work and school.) Absolutely wear a mask and limit your contact with other people to the smallest scale possible in the case where you must go outside.
  • Do not use public transportation (trains, buses, taxis, or other transportation that an unspecified and large amount of people use).
  • Take your temperature daily to see if you have a fever (37.5 degrees Celsius or more).
  • Diligently wash your hands with soap.
  • Wear a mask even inside your home while spending time with your family.
  • Throw away masks and paper that you have used and which have touched your nose. Throw this trash away as burnable trash in a vinyl bag that has been tightly fastened close.
  • Make sure to practice good hygiene for your hands and fingers (by disinfecting them with soap or alcohol-based sanitizer) after touching your mask.
  • Dispose of your mask after having had used it once and removed it and placed it on a dining table or other surface.
  • You may choose to use whichever clothes and linens you normally use.

Points to Note When Being Able to Take a PCR Test at an Otsu City Healthcare Center

Please note the points below if you have been designated as someone who has had close contact with someone infected with COVID-19 and are able to take a PCR test at an Otsu City Healthcare Center.

  • Come to the healthcare center without using public transportation. Come by car.
  • Do not eat or drink (including gargling or smoking) 30 minutes before the PCR test.
  • Take your body temperature before arriving at the site. Call the Preventive Healthcare Division (077-522-7228) or the phone number that you have previously been told to call if you feel unwell or hot.
  • Call the phone number that you have previously been told to call from within your car when you arrive at the testing site.
  • Come after you have finished washing your hands as the PCR test will be held within your car.
  • You will be directly contact by phone for your test results.
  • Testing sites are currently very busy and it may take a few days for your test result to be clear. However, you will inevitably be contacted. Therefore, do not contact the healthcare center for questions related to your test result.


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