COVID-19 Vaccination FAQ


When and where can I receive a vaccination shot?

Vaccinations may be received at city designated mass vaccination sites according to the national vaccination schedule. Please consult the link below titled “About COVID-19 vaccination” for more information.


Can I choose my place of vaccination?

Yes, it is possible to choose your vaccination site.


From what age can I be vaccinated?

Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine is designed for those of sixteen years or over. AstraZeneca and Moderna’s vaccines are currently undergoing temporary clinical trials for those of eighteen years or over. The designated age range for these vaccines will be decided on the results of these clinical trials. It is possible that the designated age range will expand in the near future.


I have an underlying medical condition. Is it safe to be vaccinated?

Please consult with your family doctor first and then consider whether you should get a vaccination shot.


What steps are there in order to be vaccinated?

  1. Receive a vaccination ticket from Otsu City.
  2. Reserve both of your first and second vaccination appointments.
  3. Receive your first vaccination at the designated vaccination site.
  4. Receive your second vaccination at the designated vaccination site.

*This is the current plan being considered. Note that the above steps may change in the future in accordance with national policy.


What documents do I need in order to be vaccinated?

You must bring your vaccination ticket and medical history form sent from Otsu City, and proof of identity (ex. your foreign resident card or health insurance card). Please refer to your vaccination ticket and guide from Otsu City for more details.


When will vaccination tickets be sent out?

There is currently no set date. When it has been determined, please consult the link below titled “About COVID-19 vaccination”.


I lost my vaccination ticket. What should I do?

Lost vaccination tickets may be reissued by contacting the Otsu City COVID-19 Control Center (0570-002-092  Japanese only).

For Foreign Language Inquiries: 

Otsu City Hall - MICE Promotion Office - Tourism Promotion Division

Email: (Languages: English, Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, Vietnamese)

*Consultations in a foreign language may be done via email for those who do not understand Japanese. Please understand that responding may take time.

As vaccination doses will not be provided beyond the necessary amount, please make sure to destroy your old vaccination ticket if you find it.


Can I receive a vaccination outside of Otsu City?

Those for whom the following conditions apply may receive a vaccination outside of Otsu City.

  1. Expectant mothers who have returned to their hometowns to give birth
  2. Those with jobs posted away from their homes/families
  3. University students residing in distant accommodations
  4. Victims of domestic violence, stalking, and/or child abuse
  5. Those who are hospitalized or are receiving treatment in a facility
  6. Those with underlying medical conditions and who have received vaccination with the presence of their primary doctor
  7. Victims of natural disasters
  8. Those who are incarcerated (convicts)
  9. Those with other conditions deemed unavoidable by a mayor

Note: A notification related to the above conditions must be sent out prior to receiving a vaccination where they are to take place as a general rule.



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