COVID-19: If you have tested positive for COVID-19


1. If you have tested positive for COVID-19

Please act as outlined below if you have tested positive for COVID-19.

Those who have tested positive for COVID-19

  • Quarantine at home and do not come into contact with others.
  • Follow infection measures at home (refer to the section at the bottom of this page) and create an environment where it is difficult for your cohabitants to become infected in the case where you have cohabitants.
  • Make sure to answer your phone as you will be contacted for an epidemiological survey by the healthcare center that has jurisdiction over where you currently are.

Note: An Otsu City Healthcare Center will contact you by a call made from a cellphone for the epidemiological survey. Therefore, answer your phone even if you may not recognize the number calling. 

Those living with someone who tested positive for COVID-19

  • Cohabitants are fundamentally close contacts. Please refer to the page “COVID-19 Close Contacts” in this case.
  • Follow infection measures at home (refer to the section at the bottom of this page) and create an environment where it is difficult for cohabitants to become infected.
  • Please observe the infected person’s physical condition. Immediately contact the Otsu City Healthcare Center Medical Examination Consultation Center (077-526-5411) if you see that their condition has suddenly gotten worse.

2. Epidemiological Survey Contents

  • Information concerning the infected person (such as their name, sex, date of birth, address, telephone number, occupation, height, weight, if they have any underlying conditions, their smoking history, if they are allergic to any medications, and their COVID-19 vaccination history)
  • The familial structure of anyone who is cohabitating with you
  • The route of infection (Your physical condition and movement history from 2 days prior to the first appearance of symptoms will be confirmed. You may also be asked this information in relation to 14 days prior to the appearance of symptoms depending on your state.)
  • Whether or not you have had any COVID-19 symptoms appear (ex. Fever, coughing, sluggishness, appetite change, change in sense of taste, change in sense of smell, difficulty breathing, and etc.)
  • The medical facility that examined you
  • If you had contact with anyone who has been infected with COVID-19

3. Recovery Period

The recovery period is determined by a doctor or healthcare center and is approximately based on the day when the following 2 conditions below are fulfilled.

  • 10 days (7 days for asymptomatic cases) have passed from the day after symptoms have started to appear or the day when a positive sample had been collected for those who are asymptomatic or who are unsure of when they might have been infected
  • 3 days after symptoms have improved

4. Place of Recovery

Recovery is generally to take place by being hospitalized or by staying at a recovery facility. However, you may be asked to recover at home in the case where there is a sudden increase in infections.

5. Infection Measures at Home

  • Prepare a personal room for the infected person’s use.
  • Have the infected person spend their time in this personal room except for when going to the bathroom or taking a bath/shower. (Either have them take their meals in this room or in staggered periods with cohabitants.)
  • Have the infected person be the last one to take a bath/shower. Sterilize the bathing room with laundry detergent or hot water, open the windows, and turn on the ventilation fan after they have finished bathing.  
  • In the case where a toilet cannot be prepared for the infected person’s use, have the ventilation fan on after the infected person has used it. Also have the infected person disinfect the door knob, the toilet flush handle, and etc. with alcohol.
  • Clothes may be washed as they normally would. However, make sure to wash hands that have touched the infected person’s clothes as there is a possibility that they are contaminated.


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